Are you a Sunday Driver?

The very British past time of taking to the road for a “Sunday drive” each week is still a pillar of the week for many British folk. Not quite as popular as an Indian takeaway but still enjoyed by many all the same.

The problem is this, many business owners adopt the same mindset with their social media. Their plan is, well, they don’t have one. Strange?

The idea of getting into a car and just driving, with no real destination in mind,  seems a little odd. How will you know if you have arrived at the right destination? How can you work out if the trip took a long or a short time? How do you compare the route or gauge the cost to get to…err..knowhere? Interesting thought?

With this in mind, we always help to create a strategy for businesses social media marketing. It has a purpose, it has a method, a rationale and we measure it, every week. So we know if we are on course to win more customers.

We put your social media marketing on the right path. We will even give it a free MOT. No fee!

  • We can review your social media for FREE
  • We can create a strategy to win customers
  • We manage content, advertising and reporting

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